How Does Sleep coaching work?


Our strategy

Once you have selected the best sleep training package for your family, you will receive a welcome email with an intake form. This form will help us to learn more about your baby and his/her sleep problems. We will then create an individualized step by step plan for you to follow. We will support you via email or phone through the entire process of implementing the plan and will offer guidance and clarification along the way! 

We can address sleep issues such as:

  • Frequent night time wake ups
  • Sleep schedules
  • Eliminating sleep props
  • Napping
  • Night time weaning
  • Early morning wakings
  • Sleep regressions
  • Sleep training while room sharing
  • And so much more!

***Services may also be offered on a sliding scale based on ability to pay

***Sleep training packages can be split if you would like to go through the process with a friend! 

Questions about which package is right for you? 

Email us so we can decide together.