Success stories

I absolutely loved working with Margot to sleep train my son George. She is extremely knowledgeable on all things baby. We started working together when George was 3.5 months old. After just 4 days, George was sleeping through the night entirely on his own and continues to do so. At 5 months, he is now also able to nap for substantial periods on his own as well, and Margot was truly instrumental in making all of this happen. During training I always Iooked forward to our daily check ins, not only because of Margot’s kind and genuine disposition, but because she understood everything I was experiencing as a mother herself. I now go to Margot for all baby related questions and can’t recommend her enough! 

-Jessie, New York City

I was desperate to get my baby to sleep and was so lost! Maddy was a life saver! As soon as I started implementing her suggestions my baby started sleeping longer stretches at night and he was much less fussy during the day. I got so much bad advice from people and had no idea I was doing everything wrong. I would highly recommend her if you need help getting your little one to sleep and nap better. You and your baby will be much happier :-) 

-Christine, Florida