Success stories

I absolutely loved working with Margot to sleep train my son George. She is extremely knowledgeable on all things baby. We started working together when George was 3.5 months old. After just 4 days, George was sleeping through the night entirely on his own and continues to do so. At 5 months, he is now also able to nap for substantial periods on his own as well, and Margot was truly instrumental in making all of this happen. During training I always Iooked forward to our daily check ins, not only because of Margot’s kind and genuine disposition, but because she understood everything I was experiencing as a mother herself. I now go to Margot for all baby related questions and can’t recommend her enough! 

-Jessie, New York City

I was desperate to get my baby to sleep and was so lost! Maddy was a life saver! As soon as I started implementing her suggestions my baby started sleeping longer stretches at night and he was much less fussy during the day. I got so much bad advice from people and had no idea I was doing everything wrong. I would highly recommend her if you need help getting your little one to sleep and nap better. You and your baby will be much happier :-) 

-Christine, Florida

Margot was a game changer when it came to our baby’s sleep. She helped guide us in teaching Shep how to be a good sleeper and how to help him transition through sleep cycles and put himself to sleep! It wasn’t always easy (mostly on me!), but Margot was always there to support us with advice, encouragement and love. Our little guy became such a better sleeper in a few days and was sleeping 12 hours every night and waking with a big smile on his face which made it all worth it! We could just tell Shep felt better with more consolidated sleep and the skills to help put himself back to sleep. Margot was also there for us when we went through the dreaded (in our case) 5 month sleep regression and was once again our sleep cheerleader, answering a million questions and checking in frequently. We seriously couldn’t have done this without her and would recommend working with Margot to anyone with a baby!

-Annie, Texas

I am amazed at how quick and consistent the results have been!  My 9 month old daughter went through major transitions all at once- moving out of Mommy’s room, in with her big sister, night weaning and sleep training.  Margot and Maddy customized a plan that took into consideration the needs and schedule of the WHOLE family, not just one little person.  After one fussy but totally manageable night, my little’s one’s cat naps doubled in length and I was able to put her down awake- something I hadn’t done since she was a newborn!  The constant support and follow up from M & M made it easy to stick to the plan despite set backs and hiccups.  By being rigid in the beginning, we now actually have more flexibility because baby is so attached to her sleep cues that she easily goes down amidst changes in location and time- even teething and traveling!

-Gael, New York City

As a new mom, I found myself overwhelmed with all things baby, especially sleep! I happened to be introduced to Maddy through a friend who is also a new mom. While my daughter May didn't necessarily have sleep issues, I wanted to make sure that I was on the right track to starting good sleep habits and talk through the general anxiety of everything related to sleep! We were already implementing some things like an early bedtime and routine, but Maddy helped me learn more about infant sleep and wake windows for her age so we could better gauge when May needed to sleep during the day. Maddy was great about checking in with me to see how things were going and provided suggestions to any questions I had! I felt very comfortable talking through my questions with Maddy and it was extremely helpful knowing that everything we were experiencing was normal and that we could get through it!! Maddy also recently consulted with me on options for how to deal with Daylight Savings Time, including her own personal experience which was really helpful. 

-Leah, Milwaukee

 Maddy was so incredible helping me with sleep training. When I spoke with her my son Henry had just turned 1 we had tried sleep training at least 3 times on our own unsuccessfully. We were exhausted and realized after a year we needed help. Maddy spoke with me on the phone and first of all just listened to me and my concerns which is what I needed. She offered suggestions and feedback and most of all encouragement. She than sent me a written plan with ideas geared towards the age of my son that same day! There was so much helpful information she sent me. Yes it was hard when he cried but I knew speaking to Maddy that it would get easier and it did get easier every night. Then my Husband and I could sleep and feel better rested and be there for our son thanks to Maddy and her help with sleep training. She continues to support us and check in. It is well worth it and its great to have help and support from someone other than your husband :-) 

-Julia, Denver