Why should you hire a sleep consultant?


  1. Sleep problems can really take a toll – They are often the biggest frustration and concern of new mothers and fathers. And we get it! It's estimated that parents lose hundreds of hours of sleep the first year.
  2. Save time and energy - There  is an overwhelming amount of information out there in books, blogs, and advice from family and friends. We know first-hand because we were both in your shoes with our sons. Trust us to help create a customized plan tailored just for your family.
  3. Build better health and a happier family – Lack of sleep has been linked to depression and obesity in adults, as well as behavioral problems in children. We can help you achieve successful sleep again, which will promote better overall health for all of you!
  4. Sleep training doesn't mean crying it out all night – We don't know anyone who likes to hear their baby cry. Typically protesting during sleep training is because baby is frustrated they aren't getting help from their caregivers to fall asleep. In most cases of sleep training for infants and toddlers, some form of checking in and comforting baby during the falling asleep process is possible.  Once the baby is given the time and space to understand how to fall asleep, they will (usually quickly) learn to put themselves back to sleep in the night.
  5. We are certified! There are  so many many sleep consultants around these days but not all are certified. We completed our training  and certification with the Institute of Pediatric Sleep . It is very easy to call yourself a sleep consultant so you will want to ensure that whoever you end up working with is certified through an accredited program. 
  6. Create a lifelong good sleeper – The habits we teach your baby will last a lifetime!